Jan. 8th, 2016

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First post!

So, I made this to keep the longer, personal-ish things off of my tumblr, spent a day or so tweaking everything, and then... drew a total blank. But now I actually have stuff to talk about, so lets see how long I can keep this up!

Finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell today while making dinner and I can say it's been kind of a wild ride. Like, the stay-up-till-1-am-reading-and-crying kind of ride. I don't usually read YA romances and was hesitant about this one, but a friend had very good things to say so I thought I would give it a go. I'd read Rowell's Fangirl before and my reaction was very different. Whereas Fangirl hooked me mostly by it's context (I have not heard of a book before or since hat even acknowledged fanfiction existed), I had no patience for its protagonist. The two leads of Eleanor & Park, on the other hand, felt like people I know now, and people I knew in high school. I got... very very invested in these kids. Maybe a little too invested, but that's beside the point. I think this book ticked off a lot of things I like, in YA and in general:

Also, any and all discussion of The Smiths? Yes.
Acknowledgement that "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is an amazing song? Very yes.
Low-key discussion of gender presentation without a big glowing arrow pointing to it? Sign me up. 

Oh and on a final note, I really enjoyed the shifting perspectives. It was just really refreshing to have a teenage boy in a YA novel discuss his feelings for a girl. I don't feel like that happens often? So many times when there's a romantic story we get such a limited view of it.

P.S. You know that thing where you fall asleep reading and then you can't quite remember if something was in the book or in your dreams?


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