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I have no idea how I managed to get so invested in this show. I mean, this is a part of the story that I have already read in the manga, that I have already seen gifsets of on Tumblr, and yet here I am, despite the fact that I KNOW WHAT HAPPENS AFTER, getting the feels.
First of all can we talk about how awesome the animation is on this entire segment? They've really outdone themselves in this season; I don't know if that's 3D or how they do it but it is FANTASTIC. I kind of wish I could tell people to watch season 2 first, if only because of how much better the art and the movements are done.
But, here's the thing. The second half of this episode has been all about, and this was said on-screen, about the team Captains. Both Takeru and Daichi know exactly what to say to keep their team going, they know what makes them keep fighting. I know most people think of Suga as the emotional center of the third-years and the team as a whole, but his role as Team Mom seems to be less pronounced during this season, partly because he's not in many matches and matches are a big part of this season.
So you have all this stuff about how important the Captains are and how great Daichi is... and then THIS

I mean, I know WHY they did it. I know their game (no not that game, the other game), where they loooove to keep the tension high and get you all excited before shattering your hopes and dreams. But knowing doesn't make it any easier to not fall for that every single time. I am not going to lie, even though I had sort of been preparing myself for this, Suga's face in that third gif kind of broke e a little. Everyone else's reactions are of, you know, surprise or mild concern or "hey, somethng's wrong". But Suga, SUGA. Suga looks like the world fell out fro under him. And I mean, even if you don't ship them, this is someone who is undoubtedly his best friend at the very least. I wonder if he feels like he should be there beside him, instead of Kageyama, instead of being stuck on the bench.

See what I mean? FEELS. Feels all over the place about this stupid volleyball anime.
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