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You. Yes, you. 

Do you like looking at pretty pictures with words on them?

And did you ever think "what if those urban fantasy novels were set in some middle-of-nowhere town in Oklahoma"?

If the answer is yes then you need to read this RIGHT NOW because there is a webcomic I really like that has both of those things and by sheer coincidence is also running a Kickstarter campaign to get the first three chapters printed! Not that I'm only writing about it to get you to back it, noooo of course not. Anyway, here is

Wilde Life

This series is great, you guys. It's been running for two years so far and the art and writing and research behind it is great. There are ghosts and witches and a snarky teenage werewolf, all seen through the eyes of Unlucky Everydude Oscar. That's him up there having a small crisis. That happens kind of a lot. It's funny and creepy and borrows a lot from Native American mythology. 

Need more proof?

Soooo you should all go read Wilde Life and contribute to the Kickstarter if you have a chance! 


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