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I obviously think this is important enough to write at 1:30 in the morning, but hey, I don't work till 12 pm tomorrow so! Who needs sleep, anyway?

So I'm three seasons deep into Misfits and I am loving it. It kind of made me think though, about what I choose to ship and what I read/write fic of. It's changed over the years, obviously - I used to be pretty opposed to any and all hetero pairings until I saw Mad Max: Fury Road (Nuxable totally broke that rule for me, because come onnnn, regardless of whether you see them as romantic or platonic, it's freaking CUTE).

Then again, Misfits' sex scenes (there's quite a fair number, being a BBC show) are for the most part pretty straight, so while I might ship some stuff (but saying who would be ~spoilers~ and I want you all to watch it spoiler-free!), I kind of wish there was some variety. It's pretty rare for hetero smut (in any format, fic or comics or in shows) to do anything for me; there's been things I really liked (E.K. Weaver's Kung Fu Hustlers being one of them), but it's mostly pretty yawn-worthy. I think partly it's what's being shown (there are many interesting ways to present a sexy scene but most people just do the same stuff over and over again) and also the characters.

... Actually, I think the characters are way more important. If I can get attached to them and buy into their dynamic, if I can feel their chemistry, then hoo boy. That's really the key part of shipping anything, isn't it? You have to get so invested in these fictional people that you want them to be happy with other fictional people. 

But now, okay so - everything else. If you've seen my AO3 account you'll know that it's... largely M/M slash. There's a smattering of F/F in there, too. I read and enjoy both (again, provided I like the characters), but I find that writing F/F is a little odd for me. It feels like I have to be very careful with how I do it, because I might slip into, you know, what I like and my own wish fulfillment, rather than staying true to the characters and the story. I guess I find M/M easier to write in that sense? There' more distance between me and what I'm trying to show.

Also, I'm a vain person who lives off of external reinforcement, so the fact that M/M is vastly more popular in my fandoms means more kudos and hits my way. Is that bad? It sounds bad when I say it like that.

I guess what I'm trying to say is the kind of media people create or enjoy shouldn't say anything about them as a person <3 
(This is as much aimed at myself as it is to the general public)


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