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I love having days off. Even if I'm currently working about 3-4 days a week barring busy times, it's still nice to set aside a day for running errands and getting a little treat and just, you know. Stuff.

So I got that postcard written and sent off, stopped by Chapters for a fancy Starbucks coffee and ended up buying that heart-shaped purse I've been eyeing for a few months since it finally went on sale. Also picked up a nice notebook that was 75% off. I know I should stop buying notebooks because I have SO MANY that are just sitting there empty, but I can't resist. I always think "Oh maybe I'll actually use this one!" before remembering how intimidated I get by blank pages.

Also that whole time I was doing that I was Skyping with my best friend (thank you, unlimited data plan), which was really nice, I haven't seen or heard his voice in several months and I'd been really missing him. It was a little weird to be talking in public, but I think the trick is the same as going to Asian markets: Give No Fucks. Walk around like you know what you're doing. Like you do this all the time.

Oh, and for those of you who don't read my Tumblr or subscribe to me on AO3, I finished that Onni/Reynir fanfic I promised! It's definitely pretty NSFW though so keep that in mind. 

P.S. : The Sci-Fi AU is going well, and I think Google Docs is working out as an alternative platform (we were using gmail before). It seems to cooperate on my phone for now, but we will see what happens when it gets to 60+ pages.
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