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Whenever a Disparition song comes on shuffle I remember that I'm at least 2 months behind on Welcome to Night Vale. (This is more surprising when you consider that I used to listen to new episodes literally the second they were released)

I also realize that I had two whole weeks off work where I could have caught up and... didn't. It's not even that I was terribly busy. Most of my christmas-related obligations (fic exchanges, secret santas, etc) were finished by the 23rd. I spent the rest of the time playing video games and faffing about on tumblr/netflix. 

So, bottom line is, Solo is terrible at keeping up with things she likes. Hell, I've had Saga #5 since... late September, and I  still haven't read it. It's literally just sitting there in a pile of other papers/books and taunting me with its presence. (And it's not even that it's long. 4-5 comic chapters, that's all. Blah.

On the other hand, I canonized a 6-person relationship tag last night and now I'm super proud of myself. 
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