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Wow, it's probably about time I updated this thing, no?

☂First things first - Yes I am alive.
All sort of real life things happened and because the universe is a cold, unjust place, they all decided to happen at the same time. Or at least, within the same 2-3 month span. Here's a quick rundown:
I volunteered for my local comic expo; had a job interview - didn't get it, then did; went to Vancouver for a week to see my grad school friends, came back significantly poorer (oops); signed the lease on my first actual apartment, and now I'm here.
☂The new job is going okay. I mean, it's a significant step up from my previous job (dear retail, I will not miss you, even if you tried to win me over with sweets!) and actually makes use of some of the skills I, you know... have an education in. The contract is for 18 months but I'm keeping a sharp eye on other internal postings already.

☂Book news: I'm speeding through Maggie Stiefvater's The Raven Cycle series. I have a lot of feelings about it and will probably make a bigger post about it tomorrow or the day after
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