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I thought I should maybe make a post just so it doesn't seem like I stopped updating after that very sad last post, so here we go, some general updates.

Tuesday was the premiere of Agent Carter season 2! I loved the first season and despite it's short run I thought it did a good job. So, this one was pretty great also, lots of funny and cute stuff between Peggy and Jarvis, but also a great set-up for the rest of the season. I don't know how I feel about them moving the show to Los Angeles, (because isn't everything already in Los Angeles? *groan*), and it seems like they scaled back the really nice jazzy soundtrack that the previous season had, sadly (Caro Emerald!). But all that aside, it was a great couple of episodes and I will definitely keep watching.

In other TV news, I forced myself to watch DC's Legends of Tomorrow yesterday and it was soooo bad. Wow. I won't go into detail because I've already complained about it to two different people, and you all can google it  if you want, but... geez, I've never been that bored by the first episode of a show.

Decided to actually force myself to be social on Wednesday. Went out to dinner with a friend and we watched one of the Fullmetal Alchemist movies after. The ramen place wasn't too bad, but it doesn't really measure up to my favorite place in Vancouver. Like, it approaches it, but maybe only about halfway there. Not bad, just not... amazing. Still, I had a nice time. 

Baked milk buns last night, or attempted to anyway. Apparently there's a trick with measuring the milk AFTER you heat it up, because otherwise too much of it evaporates? In any case, they came out pretty good after, though definitely best eaten when fresh. And it only makes 8 buns, so for the amount of time you spend proofing it I would honestly double the recipe to make it worth the while

Oh, currently I'm trying to get back into Pigg Life, which is... I guess like Japanese Farmville? Only, you know, much cuter. I used to be very very into this game after my friend Brittany introduced me to it, like... obsessively into it. (I stayed up till 3 am once to finish a quest to get a duck pond for my farm) At some point I guess I got too frustrated or too busy or something. But, coming back to it now, I don't know why I left? My house is really cute and I have a lot of nice dresses for my avatar... I'll see if I can keep it up again.
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☀ Finished The Motherless Oven. This book is surreal as all heck. Like - I am still not entirely sure what happened. It's like, you know when you have a dream and while you're dreaming it makes sense but when you wake up you realize it was really weird? That's kind of what this book is like. I sort of started to get at least SOME sense of a plot and how the whole world works towards the end, but not enough to explain, well... anything. 

☀ I had some leftover chopped hazelnuts so I decided to take another stab at chokladbollar. Last time I made them they turned out far too sweet so I cut the sugar in half. Also the cut-up chocolate chips I used for the outside last time got really hard and kinda weird in the fridge, so the nuts should solve that problem. They look like big truffles! So cute. 

☀ This has been thoroughly yelled about over on  [personal profile] yuuago 's journal but I am really really loving this chapter of Stand Still Stay Silent. All the characters that I love but who don't usually get much screentime (Tuuri, Onni <3) are right there and it's amazing. To  be honest, seeing Tuuri in the header image was one of the things that first attracted me to this comic. I couldn't think of any other time where a small chubby girl was in a post-apocalyptic comic, so that made it immediately worth checking out. And Onni, gosh I just have a lot of headcanons about Onni that I won't go into here. 

☀ Also, you know that feeling where you know exactly how a fic should go, and you can picture it, but you just can't write it? I've been wresting with this one thing about Kenma for weeks now and I got to a certain point where all the sentences feel awkward and weird and end up deleting everything I write. Blargh >.<


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