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Oh god I've done it again, I've let a whole week go by without updating. Bad Solo, BAD. 

The Chocolate Box fic is FINISHED finally (well, it was finished on Friday), and my beta even liked it! That's always a good feeling. I'm realizing that I really like writing these kinds of stories, with connected drabbles that stick to a word limit. Obviously it's not going to work for everything, but I find that, at least for strictly shippy stuff it's a good way for me to keep focus without veering off into unnecessary character analysis. (I have that problem where you write a lot but nothing actually HAPPENS.) Not sure if people actually like READING it, but that's a different story :P 
(Still trying to get over that "you have to please all your readers all the time" thing.)

I've been spending a lot of time with Pokemon Omega Ruby lately and I wonder why. It's certainly not my first next-gen title and it shares a lot of features with X/Y, but I don't remember nearly devoting this much time to that game. I don't know if I even picked it up again after I beat the Elite Four. I wonder if there's something really to be said for nostalgia as a motivating factor. Part of it certainly is "oh my god I remember this place!" and "oh wow they kept this guy's dialogue exactly the same, I remember him!"... Actually come to think of it I was equally as obsessed with the Gold/Silver remake wen that came out,  so maybe that's the case. I mean, X and Y were nice games, minus some technical failings, but... I don't know, they just didn't keep me going. Now with Omega Ruby I'm like "omg I have to hurry up and beat the Elite Four so I can get to the Delta episode and get those Kanto/Johto starters, I wonder which one I should go with, and when do I finally get a ditto so I can start getting the baby pokemon?" and other such nonsense. You know how it is. 

Also they made it so you can use Fly to get to Routes and that's just the best thing ever. 

P.S. I've been watching Daredevil with my mother (my second time seeing it, her first) and can confidently say that Foggy is still 100% Perfect Human

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I can honestly say I spent the whole weekend playing Pokemon and puttering around the kitchen. That's it. Nothing else got done. 

Well, sort of. The Chocolate Box fic is finally taking shape, after [personal profile] yuuago helpfully suggested turning it into a drabble collection instead of whatever rambly unfocused mess it was before. He always has the best advice!

I ended up rewatching Avatar on Saturday night.Remember when that was a thing? Seven years ago everyone was freaking out about how much money it made, how amazing it was, and now... what? Can anyone even quote a single line from that movie? I definitely can't. For all the money it made, it's amazing how little of an impact it had on pop culture.


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