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Somebody managed to drag me out again yesterday, this time to a queer pub night. It was pretty fun, though I may have lost my voice somewhat. I'm kind of glad I didn't wear a dress because the crowd was pretty masculine-presenting. Like, I had on black skinny jeans and my fox sweater and I still felt kind of out of place. It doesn't help that maybe 60% of people (at least most of the younger ones) had That One Lesbian Haircut. You know what I mean. I don't even have to describe it because it's so ubiquitous.

Anyway, onto stuff that actually matters: FANFIC.
I finished the really angsty Kuroo/Kenma one I've been working on since January. I mean it's angsty yes but the ending is good so fear not, my friends. It borrows heavily from "Jenny" by Studio Killers, which is a great song that everyone should listen to (shapeshifting lesbians on motorcycles!).

click for link and summary~ )

Next up is an Onni/Reynir fic that's about half done! Featuring mageverse makeouts, elaboration on Onni's romantic history, and just how far down those freckles go.
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Phew, it's been a while hasn't it? (Evidently it has been 8 days!) I'm pretty bad at updating this, sorry. 

In those 8 days I decided to send a surprise postcard to [personal profile] yuuago ! Well actually I sent it exactly a week ago. He got it yesterday so I guess I can talk about it now, yay! That was actually really really hard to not mention anything in our Tumblr chats in between exchanging fanfic ideas and miscellaneous ship-related flailing. I actually only sent it because I got a set of fairly nice colored pens the day before and wanted to try them out, but hey, you don't need a reason to send nice things to your friends! Interestingly the set also came with a stylus pen which is... a strange sort of addition to my life that I never really needed, but now I have a drawing app for my tablet in which I can mess around to my heart's content, so that's good I guess?

Aside from that I've been playing lots of Pokemon and watching a fair bit of Netflix. The usual, really. 

Chocolate Box is almost done but needs to be edited; I don't know if I'll end up having time to do any of the treats I've had sitting in opened tabs for the past two weeks. It's not even that I'm busy per se, but for some reason writing is kind of hard lately? (I also spent a little too long on that Kuroo/Kenma fic I'm writing and I think it kind of made me even more depressed? It's a very very angsty fic). There are ideas in my head and I know I have a million WIPs I need to work on but somehow actually getting down and WRITING is difficult. Blargh. 

I've started reading I Can't Believe It's Not Better by Monica Haisey. I don't usually (actually, ever) read humor books, but I saw part of it reprinted online a few months ago (Getting a Job: A Short Story by Your Parents) and it was so fantastic that I wanted to check out the book. It's not bad so far; not laugh-out-loud funny but definitely has those chuckles of recognition you get from like, a buzzfeed article titled "20 Things only ____ People Will Understand". 

Oh, also. I did a bad thing today. I tried not to, I really did. 
But I am weak and the temptation was strong.

I placed a pre-order on this Nendoroid of Nishinoya :

I know what you're going to say. "But Solo," you will say. "Haven't you already fallen deep enough into this volleyball hell? Surely this is too much?" And you will have a point. However, I have thought about this for a good long time (~45 minutes, plus snack break) and I have come up with several very good reasons. 

  1. I have acquired several Figma figures over the years, but I am yet to own a Nendoroid, despite the fact that their cuteness has been taunting me from the internet for a long time
  2. Look at that adorable thing! He's SO TINY
  3. Some people I know have waaaay more fandom merch than I possess, so one figure is really not so bad.
  4. Buying the merchandise will support the show and we can get more awesome episodes and the manga can keep going!
  5. Seriously have you seen it it's so adorable I can't even
So yeah. Look forward to me squeeing over that when I get it (sometime after May) 
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Spoilers for Haikyuu!! S02E16 )


Jan. 18th, 2016 11:11 am
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Got a package in the mail from my lovely friend and RP buddy Alia! (As in, just now. Literally two minutes ago, I should be getting ready for work instead of writing this but OH WELL)

Inside was the SSSS Language Tree Print (!!!) and two Haikyuu vinyl keychains!! Tsukki-crow and Hinata-crow <3 (Hinata, in true Hinata fashion, is half in an eggshell).

This actually reminds me that I got a few character pins (Asahi, Kenma, Noya) way back in November and have yet to put them onto anything, so clearly I need to fix that. 

(But also I think I have the same anxiety people get for stickers, only for pins? Like, I've got this weird paranoia that "adults" aren't supposed to decorate their bags with pins featuring anime characters or slogans or what have you, and if I do I'm being immature) 

Anyway, I had better force my heartrate back down and go dry my hair. 


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