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So, somehow I had gotten myself interested in comics. Like, actual mainstream comics, of the Marvel/DC variety. You can now add X-Factor to the list of Things I got Interested In Because of the Ships.

I had never really bothered with it before, you see. I watch all the movies when they come out, and I like the characters and the set-up... but having to dig through 50-some years of issues never really appealed to me. It was daunting. Where does one even begin?

Well apparently in this case, one begins with seeing someone on Slack posting cute pictures of Shatterstar. And then remembering that one's favorite tumblr fanartist has drawn even more cute pictures and oooh so that's who those two guys are, please tell me more

I guess what I'm trying to say is I've been working my way through X-Factor Investigations, and it's pretty good. Having literally never read a comicbook before (Saga doesn't count), it took me a little while to get used to things like crossover events and changing artists and the fact that sometimes half the story is actually in another series entirely, but I'm actually really enjoying it.

Part of me is waiting for the axe to drop, actually. Part of me can't believe that here is a mainstream publication with two queer characters in a relationship, and nothing bad has happened to them so far! And I keep being told there is angst upcoming, but right now it's been pretty cute shit, along with, you know, feels. Lots of feels.

There's also this amazing feeling that comes with having your ship become canon, when the subtext becomes text. I feel a little bit invested in it, like it's a matter of... faith, almost? Look everyone, we believed and it came true! Look at them go.

I had that feeling reading The Raven Cycle and I'm getting that now with X-Factor. What a time to be alive!

Also this morning a train hit a car downtown and as a result I was late for work. But I got paid so I bought myself some cake! (I actually wanted cupcakes, but the closest place to get them was an additional 15 minutes of walking past my house, and it was rainy and cold. Next time, maybe!)

p.s. I broke down and bought PWR BTTM's album after spending various hours playing their NPR Tiny Desk concert on repeat. Everyone should listen to it. It's amazing.


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