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I love having days off. Even if I'm currently working about 3-4 days a week barring busy times, it's still nice to set aside a day for running errands and getting a little treat and just, you know. Stuff.

So I got that postcard written and sent off, stopped by Chapters for a fancy Starbucks coffee and ended up buying that heart-shaped purse I've been eyeing for a few months since it finally went on sale. Also picked up a nice notebook that was 75% off. I know I should stop buying notebooks because I have SO MANY that are just sitting there empty, but I can't resist. I always think "Oh maybe I'll actually use this one!" before remembering how intimidated I get by blank pages.

Also that whole time I was doing that I was Skyping with my best friend (thank you, unlimited data plan), which was really nice, I haven't seen or heard his voice in several months and I'd been really missing him. It was a little weird to be talking in public, but I think the trick is the same as going to Asian markets: Give No Fucks. Walk around like you know what you're doing. Like you do this all the time.

Oh, and for those of you who don't read my Tumblr or subscribe to me on AO3, I finished that Onni/Reynir fanfic I promised! It's definitely pretty NSFW though so keep that in mind. 

P.S. : The Sci-Fi AU is going well, and I think Google Docs is working out as an alternative platform (we were using gmail before). It seems to cooperate on my phone for now, but we will see what happens when it gets to 60+ pages.
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I really should stop writing in this thing once a week at most. Sorry about that, guys.

Before I forget, and because my post-it notes are buried somewhere in the mess that is My Desk at the moment, here's my to-do list for the upcoming week:
attempts at productivity )

Okay, let's hope that will actually get done. Who knows, [personal profile] yuuago  posts his to-do lists on here all the time, maybe it will work for me too? :P

So, I ended up seeing a couple movies in the last few days. Saw Zootopia with some friends on Friday (I'm not a furry, but...). It was cute! I am pretty sure the chubby cheetah cop is totally me, if I had an animal equivalent. Ambiguously gay and a huge sweet tooth and an unabashed fanboy - yes yes so very much yes.

I also watched Kingsman: The Secret Service on Netflix and, well... I've had a bunch of people tell me how great it is, and I know it has an active fandom on AO3, but. I wasn't really that impressed. If anything it just made me watch to watch Misfits again. It's not that it was bad, it's just seemed very unfocused, like it wasn't sure if it was trying to be a Serious Spy Movie or a ridiculous action-fest.

P.S. my friend somehow managed to get me into TsumTsum plushies >.> This is baaaad. Very very bad. I don't even have one yet and I'm already planning sneaky ways to go to the disney store here so I can avoid horrendous shipping charges.
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Somebody managed to drag me out again yesterday, this time to a queer pub night. It was pretty fun, though I may have lost my voice somewhat. I'm kind of glad I didn't wear a dress because the crowd was pretty masculine-presenting. Like, I had on black skinny jeans and my fox sweater and I still felt kind of out of place. It doesn't help that maybe 60% of people (at least most of the younger ones) had That One Lesbian Haircut. You know what I mean. I don't even have to describe it because it's so ubiquitous.

Anyway, onto stuff that actually matters: FANFIC.
I finished the really angsty Kuroo/Kenma one I've been working on since January. I mean it's angsty yes but the ending is good so fear not, my friends. It borrows heavily from "Jenny" by Studio Killers, which is a great song that everyone should listen to (shapeshifting lesbians on motorcycles!).

click for link and summary~ )

Next up is an Onni/Reynir fic that's about half done! Featuring mageverse makeouts, elaboration on Onni's romantic history, and just how far down those freckles go.


Feb. 22nd, 2016 02:12 pm
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First, a strongly worded letter:

cut )

Now that that's out of the way, some of you may remember that I once wrote a sort of jokey Coffeeshop AU for Stand Still Stay Silent. Because I'm awful at finishing things and even more awful at writing anything that isn't a oneshot, I haven't actually worked in it in months - but now that there's another one on the scene I've felt compelled to finish. Spite is a great motivator, as they say. So, stay tuned sometime this week for Chapter 3, in which Emil is a failboat and Lalli is more okay with it than you'd think. 

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Oh god I've done it again, I've let a whole week go by without updating. Bad Solo, BAD. 

The Chocolate Box fic is FINISHED finally (well, it was finished on Friday), and my beta even liked it! That's always a good feeling. I'm realizing that I really like writing these kinds of stories, with connected drabbles that stick to a word limit. Obviously it's not going to work for everything, but I find that, at least for strictly shippy stuff it's a good way for me to keep focus without veering off into unnecessary character analysis. (I have that problem where you write a lot but nothing actually HAPPENS.) Not sure if people actually like READING it, but that's a different story :P 
(Still trying to get over that "you have to please all your readers all the time" thing.)

I've been spending a lot of time with Pokemon Omega Ruby lately and I wonder why. It's certainly not my first next-gen title and it shares a lot of features with X/Y, but I don't remember nearly devoting this much time to that game. I don't know if I even picked it up again after I beat the Elite Four. I wonder if there's something really to be said for nostalgia as a motivating factor. Part of it certainly is "oh my god I remember this place!" and "oh wow they kept this guy's dialogue exactly the same, I remember him!"... Actually come to think of it I was equally as obsessed with the Gold/Silver remake wen that came out,  so maybe that's the case. I mean, X and Y were nice games, minus some technical failings, but... I don't know, they just didn't keep me going. Now with Omega Ruby I'm like "omg I have to hurry up and beat the Elite Four so I can get to the Delta episode and get those Kanto/Johto starters, I wonder which one I should go with, and when do I finally get a ditto so I can start getting the baby pokemon?" and other such nonsense. You know how it is. 

Also they made it so you can use Fly to get to Routes and that's just the best thing ever. 

P.S. I've been watching Daredevil with my mother (my second time seeing it, her first) and can confidently say that Foggy is still 100% Perfect Human

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Phew, it's been a while hasn't it? (Evidently it has been 8 days!) I'm pretty bad at updating this, sorry. 

In those 8 days I decided to send a surprise postcard to [personal profile] yuuago ! Well actually I sent it exactly a week ago. He got it yesterday so I guess I can talk about it now, yay! That was actually really really hard to not mention anything in our Tumblr chats in between exchanging fanfic ideas and miscellaneous ship-related flailing. I actually only sent it because I got a set of fairly nice colored pens the day before and wanted to try them out, but hey, you don't need a reason to send nice things to your friends! Interestingly the set also came with a stylus pen which is... a strange sort of addition to my life that I never really needed, but now I have a drawing app for my tablet in which I can mess around to my heart's content, so that's good I guess?

Aside from that I've been playing lots of Pokemon and watching a fair bit of Netflix. The usual, really. 

Chocolate Box is almost done but needs to be edited; I don't know if I'll end up having time to do any of the treats I've had sitting in opened tabs for the past two weeks. It's not even that I'm busy per se, but for some reason writing is kind of hard lately? (I also spent a little too long on that Kuroo/Kenma fic I'm writing and I think it kind of made me even more depressed? It's a very very angsty fic). There are ideas in my head and I know I have a million WIPs I need to work on but somehow actually getting down and WRITING is difficult. Blargh. 

I've started reading I Can't Believe It's Not Better by Monica Haisey. I don't usually (actually, ever) read humor books, but I saw part of it reprinted online a few months ago (Getting a Job: A Short Story by Your Parents) and it was so fantastic that I wanted to check out the book. It's not bad so far; not laugh-out-loud funny but definitely has those chuckles of recognition you get from like, a buzzfeed article titled "20 Things only ____ People Will Understand". 

Oh, also. I did a bad thing today. I tried not to, I really did. 
But I am weak and the temptation was strong.

I placed a pre-order on this Nendoroid of Nishinoya :

I know what you're going to say. "But Solo," you will say. "Haven't you already fallen deep enough into this volleyball hell? Surely this is too much?" And you will have a point. However, I have thought about this for a good long time (~45 minutes, plus snack break) and I have come up with several very good reasons. 

  1. I have acquired several Figma figures over the years, but I am yet to own a Nendoroid, despite the fact that their cuteness has been taunting me from the internet for a long time
  2. Look at that adorable thing! He's SO TINY
  3. Some people I know have waaaay more fandom merch than I possess, so one figure is really not so bad.
  4. Buying the merchandise will support the show and we can get more awesome episodes and the manga can keep going!
  5. Seriously have you seen it it's so adorable I can't even
So yeah. Look forward to me squeeing over that when I get it (sometime after May) 
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I can honestly say I spent the whole weekend playing Pokemon and puttering around the kitchen. That's it. Nothing else got done. 

Well, sort of. The Chocolate Box fic is finally taking shape, after [personal profile] yuuago helpfully suggested turning it into a drabble collection instead of whatever rambly unfocused mess it was before. He always has the best advice!

I ended up rewatching Avatar on Saturday night.Remember when that was a thing? Seven years ago everyone was freaking out about how much money it made, how amazing it was, and now... what? Can anyone even quote a single line from that movie? I definitely can't. For all the money it made, it's amazing how little of an impact it had on pop culture.
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☀ Finished The Motherless Oven. This book is surreal as all heck. Like - I am still not entirely sure what happened. It's like, you know when you have a dream and while you're dreaming it makes sense but when you wake up you realize it was really weird? That's kind of what this book is like. I sort of started to get at least SOME sense of a plot and how the whole world works towards the end, but not enough to explain, well... anything. 

☀ I had some leftover chopped hazelnuts so I decided to take another stab at chokladbollar. Last time I made them they turned out far too sweet so I cut the sugar in half. Also the cut-up chocolate chips I used for the outside last time got really hard and kinda weird in the fridge, so the nuts should solve that problem. They look like big truffles! So cute. 

☀ This has been thoroughly yelled about over on  [personal profile] yuuago 's journal but I am really really loving this chapter of Stand Still Stay Silent. All the characters that I love but who don't usually get much screentime (Tuuri, Onni <3) are right there and it's amazing. To  be honest, seeing Tuuri in the header image was one of the things that first attracted me to this comic. I couldn't think of any other time where a small chubby girl was in a post-apocalyptic comic, so that made it immediately worth checking out. And Onni, gosh I just have a lot of headcanons about Onni that I won't go into here. 

☀ Also, you know that feeling where you know exactly how a fic should go, and you can picture it, but you just can't write it? I've been wresting with this one thing about Kenma for weeks now and I got to a certain point where all the sentences feel awkward and weird and end up deleting everything I write. Blargh >.<


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