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☀ Finished The Motherless Oven. This book is surreal as all heck. Like - I am still not entirely sure what happened. It's like, you know when you have a dream and while you're dreaming it makes sense but when you wake up you realize it was really weird? That's kind of what this book is like. I sort of started to get at least SOME sense of a plot and how the whole world works towards the end, but not enough to explain, well... anything. 

☀ I had some leftover chopped hazelnuts so I decided to take another stab at chokladbollar. Last time I made them they turned out far too sweet so I cut the sugar in half. Also the cut-up chocolate chips I used for the outside last time got really hard and kinda weird in the fridge, so the nuts should solve that problem. They look like big truffles! So cute. 

☀ This has been thoroughly yelled about over on  [personal profile] yuuago 's journal but I am really really loving this chapter of Stand Still Stay Silent. All the characters that I love but who don't usually get much screentime (Tuuri, Onni <3) are right there and it's amazing. To  be honest, seeing Tuuri in the header image was one of the things that first attracted me to this comic. I couldn't think of any other time where a small chubby girl was in a post-apocalyptic comic, so that made it immediately worth checking out. And Onni, gosh I just have a lot of headcanons about Onni that I won't go into here. 

☀ Also, you know that feeling where you know exactly how a fic should go, and you can picture it, but you just can't write it? I've been wresting with this one thing about Kenma for weeks now and I got to a certain point where all the sentences feel awkward and weird and end up deleting everything I write. Blargh >.<
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☀ So, because it was SO HYPED and I was curious, I marathoned all 10 hours of "Making a Murderer" on Netflix (because that's what it's for, right?) I don't normally watch true crime stuff unless there's some redeeming factor in it like an actor I like, so I'm really not sure what motivated me in this case, but oh well. It was interesting, but eventually you just kind of lose all hope you had in the justice system and just, ANY SYSTEM really. I would recommend checking it out if you like watching court proceedings and can resist the urge to yell at people in movies when everything seems obvious but they just don't see it.

☀ Stopped by the library and picked up The Motherless Oven by Rob Davis. I happened to see it on one of those "Best Graphic Novels of the Year" lists in... well, some time ago and kind of forgot about it. It's... I don't know how to explain it, really. I mean, this is the blurb on the back:

"The weather clock said knife o'clock. So I chained dad up in the shed"

If nothing else it will be an interesting read. Will update soon.

☀ P.S. I totally stole this idea of using unicode emoticons as bullet points from
[personal profile] yuuago. Sorrynotsorry :P


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Whenever a Disparition song comes on shuffle I remember that I'm at least 2 months behind on Welcome to Night Vale. (This is more surprising when you consider that I used to listen to new episodes literally the second they were released)

I also realize that I had two whole weeks off work where I could have caught up and... didn't. It's not even that I was terribly busy. Most of my christmas-related obligations (fic exchanges, secret santas, etc) were finished by the 23rd. I spent the rest of the time playing video games and faffing about on tumblr/netflix. 

So, bottom line is, Solo is terrible at keeping up with things she likes. Hell, I've had Saga #5 since... late September, and I  still haven't read it. It's literally just sitting there in a pile of other papers/books and taunting me with its presence. (And it's not even that it's long. 4-5 comic chapters, that's all. Blah.

On the other hand, I canonized a 6-person relationship tag last night and now I'm super proud of myself. 
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First post!

So, I made this to keep the longer, personal-ish things off of my tumblr, spent a day or so tweaking everything, and then... drew a total blank. But now I actually have stuff to talk about, so lets see how long I can keep this up!

Finished Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell today while making dinner and I can say it's been kind of a wild ride. Like, the stay-up-till-1-am-reading-and-crying kind of ride. I don't usually read YA romances and was hesitant about this one, but a friend had very good things to say so I thought I would give it a go. I'd read Rowell's Fangirl before and my reaction was very different. Whereas Fangirl hooked me mostly by it's context (I have not heard of a book before or since hat even acknowledged fanfiction existed), I had no patience for its protagonist. The two leads of Eleanor & Park, on the other hand, felt like people I know now, and people I knew in high school. I got... very very invested in these kids. Maybe a little too invested, but that's beside the point. I think this book ticked off a lot of things I like, in YA and in general:

Also, any and all discussion of The Smiths? Yes.
Acknowledgement that "Love Will Tear Us Apart" is an amazing song? Very yes.
Low-key discussion of gender presentation without a big glowing arrow pointing to it? Sign me up. 

Oh and on a final note, I really enjoyed the shifting perspectives. It was just really refreshing to have a teenage boy in a YA novel discuss his feelings for a girl. I don't feel like that happens often? So many times when there's a romantic story we get such a limited view of it.

P.S. You know that thing where you fall asleep reading and then you can't quite remember if something was in the book or in your dreams?


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